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A Magical Place Where Dreams Come True -Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris.

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I remember the day my best friend bought me a key chain which featured a photo of a vintage looking blonde, styled with Grace Kelly hair. Her expression is open mouthed and looks shocked. A solitary speech bubble says "...I am not staying here if it doesn't have a spa or a mini-bar".

Jemma, my best friend, had captured a very truthful observation of my, luxurious, hotel tastes and I haven't changed some fifteen years later.

On a college trip to Paris, to visit Premiere Vision, I made my first fatal error in Paris. I stepped inside the Hôtel Plaza Athénée and took afternoon tea in the 'La Galerie' in the lobby.

During the initial step inside I immediately recognized the hotel. For all 'Sex and the City' fans, like me, you will remember that Hôtel Plaza Athénée was the backdrop for Carrie Bradshaw’s Paris adventures for ‘An American Girl in Paris’, the last two episodes of Sex and the City.

As I left the hotel I vowed that one day I would return as a hotel guest. This happy day came a few years later when I returned to Paris on a press trip with 'Princesse tam tam'.

If you cannot fall in love with this hotel based on aesthetics alone, then you need a serious talking to!! Hôtel Plaza Athénée is located on Avenue Montaigne, right next door to Dior!

On occasion luxury hotels have a feeling of making people feel uneasy, I refuse to stay anywhere where I feel uncomfortable and I promise this hotel is certainly one of the friendliest. The friendly and attentive staff addressed me as ‘Madame Owen’ during my stay. "I'm in Paris and this time I am staying" I thought to myself.

My Deluxe Room was on the sixth floor and overlooked the leafy, tree-lined, Avenue Montaigne. The Parisian room is enchanting and fit for a Princess. It's impossible to feel anything other than relaxed within these sumptuous surroundings.

"Experience your own Carrie Bradshaw moment in Paris."

I savored every moment, my hands sweeping across the curves of the stunning Louis XVI-style chairs, the beautiful bed and silk drapes which puddled at the floor. I even had a writing desk!

My stay was immediately after the hotel was refurbished to add new rooms and suites.

I was given a tour of the new apartments also, overlooking avenue Montaigne. I stepped inside a suite filled with Parisian details such as sculptures, vases, and antique lamps.

My favorite of all rooms was the Eiffel Suite, where the Eiffel Tower is visible from all rooms, the lounge, the bar, the writing desk, the bathroom, bedroom and even at the dining table, you can sit and gaze at the sparkling attraction.

During my tour, I had the opportunity to talk to the concierge about Sex and the City. I learned that due to the show, the hotel was becoming so popular the hotel decided to create a Sex and the City experience.

When I think back to my favorite moments of this hotel it's the times when I was able to make connections with the hotel staff, mostly when I was practicing my French. They would smile and give me positive feedback.

My every whim was catered for. I really wanted one of the red umbrella's which Carries uses in the film, and which the hotel had at this point discontinued. To my surprise at breakfast a red hotel umbrella was sat in the seat opposite me, when I went to hand this back during checkout. I was told it was a gift! It’s all of these small yet personal touches which confirm Plaza Athénée is a prestigious 'Dorchester Collection' member.

Trust me, if you are looking for the ultimate, Parisian luxury, where details are in abundance, where you will think you are dreaming during the entirety of your stay, where dreams come true, Hôtel Plaza Athénée this is your home from home in Paris.

This post was initially published on my previous blog in March 2014. I have updated the prices and booking details. Sarah-Hayley was a guest of Hôtel Plaza Athénée.

A guide to room prices are listed below. For more info and to book, visit: https://www.dorchestercollection.com/en/paris/hotel-plaza-athenee/rooms-suites/


A Classic Single Room is priced from 875 EUR / Night

Superior Room from 935* EUR / Night

Deluxe Room from 1,122.00* EUR / Night

Deluxe Room - Avenue Montai