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Did you know Dyson did magic?

Yesterday we went to, Zodiac, our favorite restaurant in St Louis, for lunch, located in Neiman Marcus, Frontenac, store and as we left the restaurant via the beauty department I noticed the Dyson rep demonstrating the new Dyson Air Wrap Styler.

Having tested many beauty tools and products during my magazine days, I was looking forward to seeing the Air Wrap in action. Well... hand on heart this beauty tool is magic and a game-changer, and let me explain why!

The Air Wrap Styler smooths, creates waves and curls using air instead of heat, this is called the Coanda effect and this technology is what makes the hot air attract the hair to the barrel, wrapping it around, mimicking the same action your hair stylist would make during a blow-out but instead of using extreme heat to set the style it uses the air which is directed down the hair shaft. When I first saw this in action, I was speechless!

Not only do you achieve salon-worthy hair in minutes, without the risk of burning yourself, you are also reducing damage to your hair from using heat.

The Air Wrap Styler, comes with six interchangeable attachments and uses the same powerful motor as the Supersonic, which took 15 talented engineers to design. I love the helpful little arrows on the barrels to show you which way you want the curls to sit, away from the face or towards and it's also for use on wet/damp hair. There is even an attachment called the Pre-Styler Dryer which is essentially a mini dryer - a great addition if you don't already own the Dyson Supersonic.

I feel a huge sense of responsibility when reviewing products because I know how hard my readers work for their money, so before you go out and pre-order you need to know that while it isn't obscenely priced, it also isn't inexpensive. I would say it is a considered purchase at $499, but if you think of the cost per use it will definitely be a worthwhile investment as you are getting what you pay for, cutting-edge technology unable to find anywhere else!

Watch the video below for more information and be blown-away - pun intended!!