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  • Why should you pay someone to create and maintain a blog? Many of Sarah-Hayley's clients first asked the same question.  When they heard her answer they signed up and continued for subsequent years.
    Regardless of the amount of time it takes for well written content, paying one person establishes the voice and personality of your blog allowing for continuity.
    Sarah-Hayley writes regular content for luxury brands, planning posts and exciting artwork to engage readers and customers.
    The posts and blog help to drive traffic to your website allowing more opportunity for your brand or business to show up in search engines through organic search.

    Blog Creation, Content & Management

    • Sarah-Hayley will design a programme structured to your company.
    • 52 Blog Posts and Artwork/Images - One post per week. Although when Sarah-Hayley feels the blog should include more than one post, due to a new product launch or a competition Sarah-Hayley will write complimentary.
    • Price includes an initial consultation to understand your business and intentions for your blog.
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