Professional Photography Styling


Your professional image is important and Sarah-Hayley can assist you in ensuring your business approach translates in your professional image.

Sarah-Hayley will create various looks for your day at a photographic studio. A short consultation with Sarah-Hayley will decipher your personal goals and your current business style. 
There are two options available. Styling on the Day or Sarah-Hayley can organise the shoot completely, hiring a studio, photographer and Make-Up Artist to completely capture your professional image. 

If you choose the Shoot Organisation option, Sarah-Hayley will not only look at the fashion elements but she will coordinate everything, including lighting, the mood, the setting and beauty option.

On the shoot you will work to a schedule where you will aim to complete:


 A 'BUSINESS' SHOT: You, relevant to your brand and product service.


If you are a product business, this is a shot of you amongst your product. A 'DESIGN SHOT': You sitting at your desk surrounded by your signature products.


The 'HEADSHOT' SHOT is simply you on a plain wall, or outside in natural light. 

There will be various wardrobe changes throughout the shoot and on occasion more than one image.

Sarah-Hayley will work with you on a schedule that covers all the photography you need.


Styling Options
  • Product Info

    Both styling options include 4 hours shooting with 1 hour preparation.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.