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  • Having dressed clients for various royal occasions, including attending events herself, Sarah-Hayley understands the importance of the Royal dress code. Allow Sarah-Hayley to assist your guest ettiquette is exemplary and allow you the opportunity to relax before such an important occasion.


    Sarah-Hayley begins all styling consultations with a short style profile to build the perfect picture of what you require.

    There are four options within this package. 

    L E V E L 1 includes consultations with Sarah-Hayley in person.

    L E V E L 2 includes consultations over email, skype and phone

    L E V E L 3 includes consultations with Sarah-Hayley in person inclduing personal styling on the day of the event.

    L E V E L 4 includes consultations with Sarah-Hayley via email, phone and skype although Sarah-Hayley's personal styling on the day of the event.


    This is one of the services where each step is tailored to your needs and specific event. Therefore the service doesn't follow a generic list. However, following your Style Profile Sarah-Hayley will undertake research and submit a moodboard and desgner list for you. Depending on your level option, you will discuss the designers you prefer and moodboard options at the next appointment or over email.

    Royal Event Styling

    Styling Options
    • The above price does not include the price of any clothes.
    • Please do not think Sarah-Hayley will only show designer garments. All consultations take into consideration budgets of any kind. Hiring is also an option.
    • Styling Consultations in person are 30 min with Level's One and Three you will recieve two consultations.
    • On the day styling is limited to one hour. If you require Sarah-Hayley's assistance for longer an extra fee will be charged.
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