Silver Personal Styling
  • Silver Personal Styling


    Our Silver service combines all of our best-selling options in one package. Eliminate old and outdated items and make room for your new and efficiently organized closet.


    Included in the Silver service:


    A phone consultation will be required to understand your body type. A short survey will be emailied, including questions such as like's / dislikes and your style icons.  This helps Sarah-Hayley to build the perfect picture of what you require.


    When Sarah-Hayley was thinking about the services she could offer clients, when she began her styling business 10 years ago, Closet Detox was first on the list.

    Instead of shopping and buying new items, Sarah-Hayley works with you to organize and sort through your closet to eliminate the pieces you no longer wear or need and re-invent the classic pieces that you should keep. 

    Your edited closet is the first step towards a closet that allows you to get dressed with ease and clarity. 


    Let's go shopping!! Sarah-Hayley will pre-select items for you to try on in a fun shopping day.  Simply pick your favorites and Sarah-Hayley will guide you towards purchasing what would work for you the best.  



    If you don’t have time to shop, Sarah-Hayley will send a list of pre-selected items and you can choose what you would like to try on wherever is convenient for you.  Try them on at home, at work, or at the store. You’re under no obligation to keep anything that doesn’t work for you and we will return the items to the stores. 


    If you would like style advice for a special occasion, or bridal styling, please select the Platinum package. 


    • FAQ'S

      PHONE CONSULTATION: Your consultation will be over the phone. Sarah-Hayley will discuss your style, closet requirements and send over a short survey to return.  

      CLOSET DETOX: Appointment time is 3 hours. If you are unable to make this work for your schedule we can adjust the time suitable for you.

      PERSONAL SHOPPING: Appointment time is 2.5 Hours. If you are unable to make this work for your schedule we can adjust the time suitable for you or we can arrange for Sarah-Hayley to shop on your behalf.

      PLEASE NOTE: Sarah-Hayley works with all budgets and all sizes.  

      During the consulation Sarah-Hayley will talk through budgets. If Sarah-Hayley is shopping on your behalf, after pre-selection you will pre-pay for your shopping items, anything you don't want will be refunded to the same payment method.

    • Note from Sarah-Hayley

      "My goal is to help you establish a personalized style in line with your lifestyle and budget. Let me show you how to build a closet that meets your bespoke requirements."

      - Sarah-Hayley

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      If you have any questions regarding Sarah-Hayley's services, please email us: or Direct Message on Instagram.